Is this married man coming on to me?

I will list some things that made me think he's actually interested in me:

- he tried texting me late at night for work related issues, but it was a bit weird the way he did it- he got annoyed when I didn't text back often enough- staring, blabbering, blushing, not knowing what to say, macho attitude a bit- seeming jealous around other guys and slightly mentioning that- staring from across the room- trying to be helpful but messing it up or forgetting it half of the time- seeming a bit angry silently sometimes - smiles to himself while looking at me talk- giggling, laughing a lot at everything I say - seeming weirdly emotionally vulnerable around me- creating intense and tender atmosphere, just to be cold again- coming very close to me- opening the door for me- being very happy around me and having a big smile on his smile he can't seem to control - trying to find time to spend together with me- imitating my interests and observing me onlineThis all seemed fine and good and I was taking my time in getting to know him, but then he mentioned his WIFE. That is so awful and I didn't think he was in a relationship. The way he said it was a bit weird, as if to demonstrate something, and it made me feel very off. He changed his behaviour from super cute, forthcoming and tender to rather cold and disinterested and mentioning his wife. Like, the heck. Why would anyone be like that. Why did he need to be so nice just to declare his relationship status like that, it pisses me off.
Is this married man coming on to me?
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