Is there a chance of us getting back together?

Me (20f) and my partner (20f) (is the “man” of the relationship is more non bio) broke up
this happened once before
we have known and liked each other for 7 years since freshman year, we never made anything of it, we were on and off friends, well after high school we hung out more and became best friends and realize we both want each other romantically.
well I was fine at first then I let my jealousy and insecurities get the best of me, and it became toxic, I was controlling and manipulating by saying “I promise I’ll change” and crying but I would change for like a week and go back, we broke up cuz of that and cuz they just didn’t wanna be in a relationship and end up like their mom and depending on someone, and it ended kinda harsh, kept seeing each other and kept the friendship, but got back together, we had a talk and for two weeks I was better but they had checked out already (like last time)
we broke up about a week ago, lost contact for two days so I figured it’s really over,
wrote them a letter, apologizing for everything, took responsibility for my actions, mentioned I’m getting help, thanked them for everything, gave them their birthday gift, well the night I dropped it off Wasn’t really awkward, we actually talked to one another, we even rode around for a few hours, and that night they said thanks for everything and thanks for the night and that they still enjoy being around me, and Apologized as well, then told me “goodnight I hope you sleep well I love you” And we have texted every day since, (they are slow but kinda always have been) and we have seen each other twice again, and even made plans to hang out and watch a movie together, and they text me every morning telling me they hope I have a good day, is this a good sign (I actually do love them and want to fix everything for them because they deserve someone who trusts them unconditionally as they do me)
Is there a chance of us getting back together?
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