How do I take it slow?

I like this guy... blah blah blah, you've heard it all. We hang out in our friend group a few times a week and I've really fallen hard. It's the personality and just him as a person that does it for me. I don't feel like he's rejecting my attempts to be friendly, but it does seem that he's a bit reluctant. I've had a few friends say they think he might have feelings for me, but he's super hard to read. He's pretty private about his feelings. I do want to eventually try and inch my way into a relationship, but definitely not any time soon. We're both busy with school and work. It's not a good time for me, and I know that he's not looking for a relationship right now either (my friend is married to one of his closest friends and they told me). How do I make sure that as I wait, my heart doesn't get ahead of me? I want my feelings to be on the same page as my mind.
How do I take it slow?
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