Did I react wrong?

I was already kind of irritable because my mom is very controlling and she’s the type of person that gives you orders on top of orders and I just wanted to eat lol because I was feeling nauseous from not eating, she got mad at me because I took a noodle to my room for my boyfriend I've never even seen her eat noodles before then I was telling her how she never buys anything off me just for my brother, then she asked me to take out the trash despite me feeling nauseous and stuff lol and I was like that’s the only chore the men here do (I do the dishes clean bathrooms and help out the most then guys in my house don’t really help which isn’t fair my brother gets away with it because he cries for everything) and then after that I went to sit on the couch to eat while watching tv and she said you can’t eat there then I said “ am I bothering you?” And went to the table after that she randomly said that I looked like a man now ( I cut my sideburns even shorter which made no sense and I had my hair tied up) I got super mad and I told her to stop letting out her insecurities on me and that she’s the one that looked like a man and that she judges me calling me fat and saying that I have cellulite that she needs to stop letting out her insecurities on me I was angry. I also told her in an angry tone that that was mean of her to say that because I’ve been called transgender since I was 12 then she kept on arguing and I walked super fast to my room because I don’t like arguing. After the “you look like a man argument” she threatened to tell my boyfriend of what kind of person I really am. There’s a huge difference between my boyfriend and her me and my boyfriend never argue, he makes me happy, and doesn’t order me around as much as her or insult me/yell at me it’s not the same.
Did I react wrong?
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