He took my viginity... and did this 5 days later.. should I be upset?

My current boyfriend took my virginity then a girl who he knew and had talked to before asked if hed be interested in purchasing content, he said what? she said oh guess not nvm and he continued to ask, she said $50 for her private snap and he asked for a sample. and then asked for her snapchat..

Thats the jist, for the full story read bellow.
When I first started talking to him i didint really have a good idea of what a relationship was and didint see my male friends as anything but male friends, but after months of him complaining I finally saw that I relied on them too much and talked to them too much. I haven't done anything similar since and Dont have any friends now. I have had a problem with him following girls since I knew about how many he followed and the types of accounts, theyre all over hsi feed. I thought maybe it was just me being insecure until I found this out. Since I cheated on him, not physically (I never talked about anything sexual or hinted at anything sexual with my male friends, they were just frineds to me but he sees it as cheating and I can understand that, ) he has many rules fir me which again, understandable. So I dont talk to anyone or add anyone on games. But I brought this up and he kept denying and denying but not saying he didint o it bring up I didi worse, or he doesn't remmeber that etc. so i told him to let me into his instagram again and I would show him. (We both had eachothers loggins, but because I got mad about him saving videos of girls on his insta I dont get into it anymore he still has full access to mine) and he refused to let me prove it. He didint even ask who i thought he did it with, just that im crazy and it never happened.
He took my viginity... and did this 5 days later.. should I be upset?
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