I slept with my daughters dads uncle?

My child’s dad and I aren’t together. Haven’t been for a year. He was an abusive cheater and after six years of being together I was able to move on, get into therapy, and heal. So I am dealing with a lot right now, my narcissistic ex took my almost three year old daughter from me and I haven’t laid eyes on her in three months. The court process of getting custody established has been slow due to covid. His uncle and I are both gamers, game together frequently and we have a lot in common. I’m 29 and he’s 38. I have been severely depressed borderline suicidal since my daughter has been taken away from me and the uncle would frequently check on me or ask me if I need anything etc. I moved to this city at the peek of covid because my daughters dad wasn’t in her life and I wanted them to have a relationship. Instead of coparenting with me, he took her from me ultimately because I didn’t want to be with him.
Last night I was having a crying spell while I was cleaning and came across a lot of my daughters belongings that she made me in daycare. The uncle happened to text me again to check on me and I told him that I wasn’t do good at all. He asked me if I wanted to talk and I agreed. He came over and one thing lead to another. I don’t feel bad about it at all but I feel it would be viewed critically because he is related to my ex (the uncle has wanted me for a while and spoke of dating me openly) though he is related to my ex by blood, he has only seen him a handful of times in his life. What are your thoughts on this?
I slept with my daughters dads uncle?
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