( Please read It All) Is it okay if I asked my boyfriend's friend if he ever talk about me?

So I met this guy online, we have been talking and was both interested in music. So after getting close through texting, he told me about himself, then we became intimate with each other. He's a really busy guy coz he's the personal advisor of a political leader. He's been ghosting me lately as their was election. When he returns back from his work, I'll asked him weather is should wait for him (To talk or chat before sleeping) and he would say according to his activity like, "Sleep for tonight, I've got so much mail to sent, keep the bed warm for me love (Warm in the sense Through sms)". This has been our daily routine. He will just pop up in my front gate and would request me to come outside and would look at me for few minutes and will tell me to go outside. Yesterday, he brought a 6000k speaker 5.1 of Phillips from me (I do music and I brought a speaker long time back for my studio which I only use one time and had to pack it up coz it was too big for my studio) and as he wanted it , I gave it to him and he said he will arrange the money soon as he's bank account got deducted for his loan payment. I said it's okay of he returns back and told him not to hurry. So yesterday, one of his friend tagged him in a video, "The video sort of a romantic yet comical, it was of a guy using a huge knife and asking a beautiful girl and scaring her again and again, blocking her way and forcing her to tell him that she should say yes to his love proposal, finally the girl cried and said yes".
So his friend captain it as "As you guys are rejected by beautiful girls several times, maybe you should try this method".
My boyfriend commented : " Well, dude, you were out of luck too and got married to a random girl you just dated".
I'm just getting this vibe that he's just not into me yet and because his friend doesn't know his friend is in relationship with me, tagging his friend like that as if he's single now. Should I be worried?
( Please read It All) Is it okay if I asked my boyfriend's friend if he ever talk about me?
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