Was it stupid to ask a girlfriend a serious question at just 19 years old?

I guess I got stupid once. I'm now nearly 25 and think differently. I'll share my story though and feel free to judge.

I was 19 at the time but felt beyond my years. In my mind she was the one. I've been withholding for several weeks what I wanted to tell her (practicing the script next to a mirror) till I couldn't hide it anymore. I expressed it all. I took the plunge and was willing to risk it all. There was no prior conversation. It was me asking if she saw herself getting old with me permanently, spend her life with me. She knew exactly what I was referring to.

We were dating for a year at the time and she didn't feel the same. I've dealt with rejections before but this one felt very different. It it was like a rejection of the highest level and I felt embarrassed and stupid. I felt like an idiot for taking the relationship that serious. I noticed she tried her best to not hurt me but all I heard was a long explained rejection, a detailed no.

Our relationship never recovered and we only dated for 3 more months, then called it quits. Nevertheless was it stupid asking a girl that question at that age? I never shared this to anyone except my best friend. It's usually girls that get serious first but I literally caught her by surprise.
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17 d
I've moved on by now. Would you say that was stupid of me?
Was it stupid to ask a girlfriend a serious question at just 19 years old?
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