Thoughts on Ghosting?

Would anyone give me their opinion (s) on ghosting/ any variation of absolute communication barring? Long story short, 1. I I know I've done something similar to people I'd never want to deal harm to, but 2. Only now that I've felt the absolute soul ravaging feeling of being told "you're not worth even the acknowledgement of your existence" via the silence of someone you hold so dear, only now do I realize the cruelty of it all, intentions be darned. And finally, 3. I 100% don't believe that anyone is beholden to anything from anyone else, and you don't "owe" anyone a even a single minute of your time if you don't choose (except governments who owe all humans basic quality of life food, water, shelter, guaranteed health care from the government). What I'm saying is that I philosophically cannot fault anyone for choosing to "ghost" someone else, especially for the sake of secured mental health, but dang it really hurts, and I'd love to hear why you do (if you do) and how you justify (not that justification is at all necessary, just might be a little soothing to read).

I tried my best to phrase this to give off as sincere a tone as possible/as sincere as my actual sentiment. I'm always afraid of falling into the "good guy" trope like I'm expecting a pat on the head or I'll turn if I don't get the response I want, but I promise I'm just (primarily) looking to further understand the human psyche, emotional validation would just be a welcome effect (pointing out my faults maybe even more so).
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*Update: I'm not thinking about ghosting anyone or anything like that. Wish I go fix the times I essentially had. Just looking for some philosophical opinions on the topic.
Thoughts on Ghosting?
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