Fiance & telling lie shiuld I marry her?


Some time ago my fiance started working in a private school, shortly after starting a job, his attitude changed a lot.
SHe started angry with me, fighting every small thing started to argue. SHe started answering my message late, which we had a lot of discussion and fighting and this reached her parents.
After some time, when things went well between us and we became a good friend again and again started talking about them, this girl lied to me that she had left the job.
Becuase. one day i call her at 10am and she stop to receive my call finally she told me that. She is not. receiving my call untill her mother arrive at home. .
But i know what is the truth.

I didn't tell her that I know you go to school

I need your advice whether I marry this girl or not
Becuae loss her. believe
Fiance & telling lie shiuld I marry her?
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