Am I overthinking?

I am in long distance relationship with my girlfriend from 7 months. We text on Facebook messenger every day. Sometimes, we also do video call. I love her smile and even if I don’t have anything to say I try to engage in conversation by flirting with her. Everything was going smoothly but 3 days back, I asked my girlfriend to send her picture to me. She said “ I will send it tomorrow, not right now.” I asked why and she replied because I look clumsy right now. I said it doesn’t really matters to me how you look. She also said my phone memory is full and I cannot save pictures in my phone. I asked her to send me screenshots of that warning. She sent me screenshot.

When I opened the picture that she sent, I saw a recent picture of her and a guy in the bottom right corner of the screen. That guy is a random stranger who has added her on Facebook. I asked her who is that guy. She lied and told me that he is her high school friend. I stalked her profile and found that guy profile and checked his photo and compared with the screenshot. They matched. I didn’t replied to her message because she lied.

Next day, she apologized saying he is not her high school friend but the stranger because I didn’t text her until 12 pm which never happened in last 7 months. I was broken and devastated. She said we did video call because of some work.

The most disappointing thing is if it was work matters then why does she need to screenshot their videochat in her gallery?

I gave her lots of dialogue and stopped texting her from 2 days. I told her to block that guy. She did block him but still I am not satisfied. She needs to understand the norms of relationship.

I wrote the story in Facebook and she replied to that with her story. What should I post in the story now?

The black one is my Facebook story and colorful is her Facebook story.
Am I overthinking?
Please give me reply story caption now. Thank you all!!
Am I overthinking?
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