Is this women dumb?

Raven is 34 years old and a single mother of a 5 year old girl nt Dina. Raven's boyfriend, Zane, is 28 years old. He recently got out of prison for selling drugs and armed robbery. Raven is working on getting her master's degree. She has 2 full time jobs and gives Zane an allowance, in addition to that she takes the bus everywhere she goes. One day Raven walked in on Zane telling Dina how to lie and look innocent so she could do less homework at school, and how to lie convincingly in get more snacks after school. She notices that her daughter is lying more.
A week later she overhead Zion telling Dina it's okay to lie if it gets you nice things. Raven still loves Zion.
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Is this women dumb?
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