Could this result in me getting in trouble? Im not feeling good bout it, just helps to vent?

I know that I'm probably just being paranoid. But I think that my behavior has reached a point where almost feel like it's too late. And that I should prepare myself for the very real possibility I'm going to end up getting what I had apparently foolishly been asking for. But it doesn't feel exactly the way I did before it actually started to look real. I understand that I might not get any sympathy I don't know if you've ever tried to imagine yourself are you actually going to have to go to jail to spend time there. I've spent about 1 day total. I've told a lot of lies about really bad things to people. That may you have went too far. I don't want to talk about some of the things that I talked about. The one Im noting wasn't on this app. All there's a very nice person on this app I hope did it become upset with me oh, because I did lie I guess there's the possibility that we in trouble if they chose to. I'm not I don't think this is necessary that really the case but in the other I'm not sure because of some of the things about talked about. I wasn't directly saying anyting about them, but still I've done a lot of unwise things a few people that want to see me face consequences I don't know if I could pictures with some kind of harassment, possibly probably of the sexual kind. I'm really scared and I got a lot of friends spend time in jail. I know that those are long awful days. I'm really going to get my act together and not contact these people again. And possibly have someone beside myself look a few things I mentioned are that I guess that would not be good. Go into here, you have to message me I would first have to explain some things before we spoke so I don't get myself in deeper. I know that I've done wrong. I hope I didn't put anyone in a difficult position. The person from here was kind to me as well and I'm sorry no matter what happens. Some will note past lies and other.
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Could this result in me getting in trouble? Im not feeling good bout it, just helps to vent?
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