Girlfriend regrets breaking up with her Ex- Boyfriend?

Long story short, She was in a relationship with him for 4 years, and before that they were best friends for 3 years. She was very close with his family as well. And, She says she doesn’t have feeling for him just ‘Deep Care’. Relationship turned toxic at the end, so her feelings changed. Now, she thinks she made a selfish decision of choosing herself over the relationship. She says she loves me, and only me. But she blames herself for not fighting more, as her ex-boyfriend told her to he wants to put in more work and said she is being selfish for choosing herself when time got rough. I love her, and I want to help her get better as she has turned into walking dead zombie as soon as we got into a relationship before that she used to be really happy. What’s your take on this matter? Thank you for your time, have a lovely day. :)
Girlfriend regrets breaking up with her Ex- Boyfriend?
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