Latina girlfriend racist af what should I do?

Hey so a little backstory I am dating a Latina girl from DR and she is amazing we have been together for 1 year but however ever since COVID she is extremely racist towards Asians especially Chinese. My mom is Chinese and dad is White however every time she came to our house she is very nice and sweet to my parents but when we were at a family event she started making fun of my family members and kept saying ching chong and told my sister they should go back to China and take covid with. Now throughout these few months, she even gawks and says ew and says why are Chinese here? They are illegal probably and they need to go back. I had a talk with her but she claims she isn't "Racist" But one day she was with my mom shopping at the Asian market and she told my mom she felt disgusted being ina room full of "covid". After this, I told her I needed some space and my parents are not happy with her at all. I can't believe her dark side. She claims to want to end racism but she is a racist herself. She does not even say sorry but it affects me in a way because of my mother being Chinese and family members. Should I just end things with her? A little backstory about her but her parents work for Asians too so I don't know why she is super racist. If I talk to her about the issue she uses sex as a weapon for me to not bring it up. What should I do? Breakup with her?
Latina girlfriend racist af what should I do?
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