My boyfriend's behaviour is confusing me. What do I make of this?

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 5 months now. This is my first relationship and we're both in our 20s. Things have been really good. He's caring, attentive, affectionate. I really love him. Recently, maybe the last couple of weeks I began to notice that he would be less and less physically affectionate with me. It has been bothering me because most of the time, the physical affection has been initiated by me. I find myself asking him to cuddle me or kiss me, when before I didn't need to. It just feels as though when he shows me affection physically, it's forced. I brought up this issue with him a few times. Communicated my need for it and that to me it's important. He called me annoying, clingy and needy. I tried to understand why he feels distant, maybe work stress or lack of sleep. I asked him, and he just brushed it off saying "I'm always tired". Last week he asked for space. During our conversation over text last night, he said (jokingly) to me : it's easier to be single. You're lucky I love you, else it wouldn't be worth the stress. I was kind of hurt. I just feel like I've been nothing but a nuisance to him. On the other hand he wants to introduce me to his parents, which tells me he sees a possible future with me. I'm just confused about his behavior. I don't feel wanted or desired next to him, despite my feelings for him. I'm not experienced in relationships but I don't think you should feel sick of your partner after only about 5 months. How do I understand that kind of behavior? Is it time to have the talk?
My boyfriend's behaviour is confusing me. What do I make of this?
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