Is It Weird That I Have Never Been Asked Out?

I'm a young woman, who is currently 20 right now and I've moved to the south, with my family. And I've been here ever since I was 11. So I know some people, although some people don't like me for some reason. And I go up to people and introduce myself, although I have social anxiety and I'm shy and quite reserved. And ever since I was young, people down here didn't really want to get to know me, especially those around my age. I mean when I was in high school, and I'm currently in college, there have been a few who has asked me out before and there have been a few more who had crushes on me. But I'm older now and I don't understand why I've never catched someone's eye before! And those who I know who younger than me and my age, or little bit older are either recently engaged, married and or having a family and it's like I'm left on the back burner. Why is that?
Is It Weird That I Have Never Been Asked Out?
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