I found my first love after 12 years... He has a girlfriend. *Kind advice*?

~Before you bring out your torches and pitch forks out against me, look, I get it. Dude is shacked up. Please let me explain.
~As it says, he was my first love. Took me four long years to fully feel ok that he was no longer in my life. I moved to the city and did my best to move on. I tried and had a lot of failed relationships. Covid forced my hand to move back home.
~When we got in contact again, I was in a relationship, and he’s still in the relationship that he’s in now. I had no intention of going back home. We were facing similar problems in our relationships. Lack of intimacy and lack of connection. I had done self improvement classes. So I always tried to be a friend that he could lean on. We figured out that after all these long years, we had so much in common. More than we ever did as young adults.
~We saw one another for the first time, it was all completely innocent. That chemistry is still magnified.
~Let me explain his situation. He’s been with his lady for 5 years. During their relationship, they bought a house together. So he’s tied in the relationship financially. Because they’re not married, they can’t just walk away from the house. Someone gets screwed if that happens. He explained that he still cares for her and wants the best for her.
~I never tell him he should leave her, or anything like that. In fact, If he told me tomorrow “I wanna work things out with her” I’d 100% support it. Whatever the reason fate has brought him back in my life, I’m ok with however it plays out. I want him happy, weather that’s with me, her, or anyone else. I realized I never stopped loving him after all these years, and I’d love him enough to let him go if it came to that. I realize this situation is so unrealistic, but I’m happy being his friend if that’s all I can get. I don’t believe in coincidences. My guess is that maybe we’re here to help one another. Maybe it’s not meant to develop into anything more than that. All I know, is I’ve never stopped loving him.
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We ended things tonight. Thanks for the outpour of support. Everyone was so good at getting directly to the point. We were both extremely devastated, but we knew it was the right thing. Better now than years down the road. Thank you again everyone
I found my first love after 12 years... He has a girlfriend. *Kind advice*?
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