What to do when your neglected?

my friend called Sarah has been talking to a girl name Amanda. I and Sarah both really like talking to Amanda and we have a group chat with Amanda that we all like to chat on. I and Amanda have a separate chat for just us on the side, and Sarah and Amanda have a separate chat as well. I and Amanda are in the same class, so we were chatting separately in that chat. Amanda was slow to respond (she's usually very chatty) and she said sorry for neglecting me, she was talking to Sarah the whole time. I was fine with that but I got totally pushed to the side. I then went and said "hi" in the group chat and only Amanda responded. then after a minute or two Sarah responded and she didn't really acknowledge anything of what I had to contribute. she completely disregarded one of my comments and said "anyways" and went on to talk about her thing. then she and Amanda were both talking about what they were doing in their English class ( in the group chat) and I made a comment and she hasn't responded at all. I haven't done anything to Sarah, I know for a fact. my mom says Sarah could be rebelling against me because I'm approved on her parent's list of people to talk to (she has strict parents) and Amanda hasn't been approved yet, so she could be rebelling against her parents through me. I'm honestly feeling so left out, and Amanda tries to include me but she's a bit of a suck-up to Sarah so I'm not super included.
What to do when your neglected?
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