What do you guys think?

I talk with my girlfriend on the phone every so often and I've noticed her mood changed, her tone of voice slightly changed and she seems unhappy and tired. I know she is because she vented about it not along ago, we talked about it and I supported her in every way. She's much better now than before. My question is, should I tell her that I noticed from our calls, she's unhappy? I don't want to be pushy and clingy in checking up on her, but how and should I bring this up to her? For example: "hey babe I know you've been going through some tough times lately and I know you told me you got better, but I noticed when we talk, you seem unhappy, is anything else going on?" On the same note, she used to give me a lot of love through text, now I feel she's distant or pushing away, but I know she's not because she was having tough times and she's still healing, might that decrease in affection be a result of the healing process? Which is directly related to her mood. Because I feel like she's upset with me or something, but again I know she's not. I think I should chill and give her some time to recover, it's not about me or my feelings, it's all about her. Thank you for any support! :)
What do you guys think?
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