Boyfriend records our conversations?

My boyfriend puts me down a lot, insults me, gets angry over the smallest thing. This is having a bad effect on my mental health. He blames me for everything and always says its my 'behaviour' thats bad etc and how I treat him badly etc and that I play victim. I have tried to end it many times but then he will point out everything 'bad' about me.

I have never insulted him, I have never done anything of the things he makes out e. g. he says I twist his words etc. I have witnesses to back me up, they have witnessed our conversations and they believe he is abusive and is turning it around on me. He also records our conversations quite often and says its to 'protect himself'. Last week he went nuts on the phone started shouting at me etc all because I asked if he already spoke to his mum earlier, he's says I treat him badly yet he will happily sit there mock what I say/copy what I say, blames me for everything. It got that bad he said 'I have to speak to you like a child so you can understand'. After that awful phone call last week, I told him we were done as I was in so much shock at what happened, and how bad it was. He then begged me 'dont do this' then he turns up at my house, we spoke and he recorded our conversation in MY house!!

I now don't know what to do, I care about him so much but he makes me sound awful and makes me feel so stupid and pathetic. What should I do?
Boyfriend records our conversations?
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