What are the friends with benefits rules?

I want to see if we’ve been able to stick to them, because things have seeming weird
10 d
So far
1. He might not be experienced in being friends with benefits (because usually he ends up dating his friends with benefits)
2. We text everyday
3. he's let me hang out with his friend group
4. I’ve met his mom he’s met my whole family (was for my birthday)
5. He’s very emotionally intimate in bed ( staring into my eyes or just staring at me when we are laying down next to eachother)
6. I almost forgot he’s slipped on calling me pet names like babe, sweetie, or honey.
10 d
But it can all be linked to #1 which is his lack of experience. Because our personalities clash he’s very forgetful , go with the flow type of dude. While I’m always busy, I have anxiety. I personally don’t think it would work between us but then again we have so many walls up because we both got out of bad situations
What are the friends with benefits rules?
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