So I told a guy that I like him and he started avoiding me?

This guy is actually married, i had no interest for him whatsoever and he is a patient of mine and a coworker as well so i see him everyday..
He started to open up to me and told me about his past traumas and about his childhood and his father death and many things about his friends..

Then he hinted that he likes me and that his wife suspected something, so he blocked me temporarily then acted like nothing happened..

He removed the block and our relationship is more as a friendship than anything else.. But then i started to develop feelings for him and when i told him about this last time i think he freaked out and asked me million questions about how i like him and why i told him about it. And he was surprised that i like him..

He told me that he doesn't know how to meet me or how to talk to me anymore..

He blocked me again now and is constantly avoiding me at work.. Running in the other direction

I dont know what to do anymore please help
17 d
By the way he is shy and doesn't talk much am the only one who talk to so openly.. I hope i didn't ruin things 😞
So I told a guy that I like him and he started avoiding me?
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