Is my boyfriend being somewhat selfish and not prioritizing me first?

I recently tripped and fell onto the ground (hard pavement). I now have my left knee bruised, but the worst is my right kneecap is currently injured. I am limping, and I cannot really walk much. Certain positions/movements also causes pain on my kneecap. My left wrist is also injured, and it is painful to move. I decided to wait for a few days to see before seeing a doctor.

My boyfriend and I don’t live together. But recently, he had been staying at my place like 2-3 weeks in a row. He goes back to his place maybe for a night, and he comes back to my place the next day. He had been barely seeing his friends. Maybe like once in two weeks.

We had plans to do something on the weekend that requires to walk. Most likely, won’t happen. But without negotiation, he went ahead and decided to meet up with a friend on the weekend. He also planned to go back to his place to do some housework, and to visit his parents. He was planning not to even come back for the night. I get it, he assumed we have to cancel because of my injuries.

Obviously, mobility is an issue for me. Im unable to do certain things. Also, especially because I have to walk my big dog. When he was telling me about his weekend plans, then he noticed I might need help with stuff (example walk my dog, cooking, and grocery shopping). I don’t even think I can drive. I am even having difficulty changing.

He insisted to me not to worry, he will figure something out.

Shouldn’t he just consider to come back to my place after seeing his buddy? Or maybe even cancel his plans with his friend until next week?
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No, he told you he will figure things out to make sure you’re ok as well.
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Is my boyfriend being somewhat selfish and not prioritizing me first?
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