Cursed by God somehow?

As the title explains it all. I think the day i was born i got cursed by god or something :). im a super chill guy i like both being indoors and outdoors. right now in college and I'm 23 yo and still single believe it or not. i look good, i workout my body is in a regular good shape and I'm not cringe at all. my friends told me hey be more outgoing! so i did and guess what nothing changed XD. it seems all girls never attracted to me somehow like similar poles. so what happened is my best friend made me go into dating apps and stuff like that and hahaha guess what nothing changed. It really stresses me out i don't feel something is wrong with me and a lot of people when they know I'm single they actually say that I'm lying. one time i liked a girl i saw on campus so much so i did what people say shoot your shot! we had nothing in common no classes or anything just total strangers. we had a nice conversation got her contact she seemed interested but as usual at the end looks like she wasn't. life is so funny like i have my roommate (I'm NOT judging at all!) he is not good looking, and his personality is so cringe and boring but guess what he likes to workout a lot and his body really looks good and fit and he keeps getting all these girls and matches that i wish i can talk to one XD but what ever. After all i really don't get it what girls these days are looking for. help me before i lose my mind one day.
Cursed by God somehow?
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