Why would a guy I’ve been with for 7 years just recently start being physically & mentally abusive?

Hi guys, I’ve been with my boyfriend since 9th grade, and it’s been 7 years that we have been together. We haven’t had the best relationship but every relationship goes through bad times. Our bad times include, him cheating and breaking up with me at unexpected times, (we’d be great, and then all of a sudden, he isn’t “happy”) anyways, for the past year and a half, my boyfriend has slowly become abusive mentally and physically 💔 the first time he physically abused me was a year and a half ago when he smacked me, but I brushed it off.. then as the year goes by, it’s gotten worse. He has given me bloody noses, black eyes, almost broke my teeth, pulled my hair out, and much worse that I don’t want to mention. The thing is though, he’s never showed signs of being this way until a year and a half ago, mind you, we have been together since 9th grade. The only sign he may have given me is he does have anger issues. Anytime I confront him about anything, rather it be my feelings or just anything, even if it’s simple, he spazzes out. He used to just yell at me, but never would hit me.. I just want to understand what changed, why did he start this? And before anyone asks, I’ve never hit him, until he started hurting me first and I would try to defend myself, but my hits don’t hurt, I’m a 105 pound female, 5’0, and he’s literally 160, and almost 6 foot tall. Is there something wrong with me? Am I just not good enough? Also, he recently was having a drug problem for 4 months, it was pain killers.. he just got clean, and he has depression. He’s had depression for a year I believe. So, I don’t know if that has something to do with this or not? He wasn’t always this way. Someone please explain why all of a sudden change. And please don’t come at me in the comments about how dumb I am for staying, because I know this. I just need someone to give me advice.
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Also, when he is mad, he tells me how much he hates me, how bad of a girlfriend I am, how he doesn’t want me, and he’s called me ugly, fat, a whore (when I’ve literally only been with him) and told me I don’t deserve to ever get married or anything.
Why would a guy I’ve been with for 7 years just recently start being physically & mentally abusive?
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