Should I tell her my deformity?

Hello, I am very attractive guy, I have 21 years old, every girl wants a date with me, but the problem is that I have a deformed chest which kills my attraction, I haven't gotten any relationship before, I am afraid from confessing to her, to tell her about my physical flaws, right now I don't believe in love, I don't think will fix my problem, I am interested in meeting a hot girl only, I love beauty, so I don't expect any hot girl would engage to someone who has a deformed chest, about making surgery I don't think so, it's very difficult to fix my problem, I don't know how women going to react to my chest, I know that girls like muscular men, I do believe in physical characteristics, not totally in love. seriously I don't know what women want ?

so what do you think girls?
Should I tell her my deformity?
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