I don't know man... help?

Bro she was flirting with me. Heavy, and yeah she’s in a relationship. But I want what I want. And she’s been flirting with me and I asked her would she come over and she says yes and I’m like ight bet. But the other day I asked her if she would be mine or at least let me be the side until I can be the main. And she said we will talk about It. We never talked about it and then she said she sees me as a friend I said okay then left her alone. I left her alone and then she says I have a bad attitude I’m like isn’t that what you wanted then she said it’s fine. I said okay. I walked her to her car. I told her I don’t want to be friends with you if I can’t have you I don’t want to be anything she said well you got some things to figure out then she told me to give her a hug then we hugged for a min like she typed held me. I actually like her but it’s early enough where I won’t get hurt. Leave her alone? Or still be her friend?
I don't know man... help?
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