Which do I choose?

Help me! I am having a high school crisis!! So this one guy (we will call him guy 1) asks me to this like school dance thingy that the PTO is doing, so I said maybe. I have known guy 1 since 5th grade and I have a huge crush on him, but I am just unsure, we never really talk or anything except for like how was your day or to tell a joke, and we sometimes text. But then another guy (called guy 2) asks me to the same event! Now me and guy 2 have been good friends since 2nd grade and we talk a lot because we have similar schedules and all. And at first I thought no but then I said maybe! I don't want to ruin our friendship!! I just didn't think he felt that way about me. I mean lately now that we are older things are awkward at moments. I have confused feelings now for both of them. I don't want to wreck my friendship with guy 2 but I also kind of want to go with guy 1 too. I go back and forth daily and the event is 4 weeks away so I guess I have time. I tried telling my friends and they were just as confused as me. So I turned to you! HELP ME!! Who do I go with guy 1 or guy 2?
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Which do I choose?
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