Is it normal to feel this way for them?

Many years back I decided that I love writing and reading ( writing more ), so instead of writing a novel at that moment in my life, I found a large group of over 30k writers who roleplay characters with each other.

Anyway... Fast forward to now, I fell in love with a writer who turned out to be a woman in rl. Catfished :( I'm moving on, and now I find myself feeling for someone else who is a man, German, and an amazing writer. He rps so well in English.. He's better than me. ( though he denies it ) maybe I'm just lonely, but we talk out of character too... He's funny, charming, smart, outgoing, brave, positive with life... To me, he's perfect. I have not seen him, but his personality is what I've fallen for.

I know I should keep my distance as we will never be, but... I just can't help myself. Am I being stupid? Why am I so easily feeling for someone I don't even know in person?

He's told me that he never falls in love online, that he has to know a person in person... I don't disagree, but... I keep waiting for them to text bk on kik, and I'm happy when they do.

He's likes me for me.. Tells me that I don't need to change myself for anyone, or to impress anyone.

He's such a lovely person from what I've witnessed, and I know it can be an act etc but... I don't know. He's never asked me for anything, not even nudes. ( Thank god. Hate men who ask for that. )
Is it normal to feel this way for them?
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