Everyone around me is getting married?

So.. I'm very young. (Although now I'm not so sure I am!) I'll be 24 in a few months and I'm in a relationship at the moment. But I've been on Facebook lately... and noticed all 250 of my friends (LITERALLY) are getting married! It's crazy at first I thought I was overthinking it but no.. Everyone I graduated with actually ARE getting married.
I counted over 20 posts all different people who got married in the last month. It's making me feel really anxious and I feel almost envious. I feel like I'm having a "quarter-life crisis"! I'm scared I'm going to be a lonely 40 year old with a bunch of cats... and I love cats lol. At first I thought it was too young but then I remembered 30 isn't very far away at all. My birthdays are flying past my face.
How do I not feel so shitty about this? Should I just delete facebook? I can't go on there without seeing marriage or people popping out babies. And I personally wanted to have all of that before I was 30 but... I know one of them won't happen.. but I'm not sure about the marriage part.
Everyone around me is getting married?
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