How can I make it right with my boyfriend?

So on Thanksgiving. He went out and bought sell this food so we could cook and spend Thanksgiving with each other. We just had a baby two months ago. My mom was salty about me going over there to cook because I had just had the baby blah blah! So she was being negative from jump. So I get over there sadly and I want in the best mood and he could tell. So I start up a conversation about something I saw on his fb page. It blew up into an argument where I was about to leave and take my son with me. He was pushing me away so I couldn’t get our son from him. He called my mom and now she thinks he is an abusive person. He feels like I stepped on his feelings after all the effort he put in for the holiday and plus my family thinks he is abusive now. I want him back now that I had time to think about my insecure actions. He is saying that since I broke up with him I need to figure out what I really want and lay everything out on the table about what really happened. 🤦🏽‍♀️😓
How can I make it right with my boyfriend?
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