How long does friends with benefits last?

I’ve been “friends with benefits” with this guy for 3 months. Now for a while I was happy with this arrangement but the longer it’s going on the more and more confused I’m getting. I ordinarily can have sex and an friends with benefits relationship without developing feelings if I’m basically just having sex and nothing else however this time I feel incredibly mislead despite our friends with benefits label. He lets me stay over, he’ll cook me breakfast, we’ll watch films whilst I lay my head on his lap and he strokes me hair, he’s told his friends and family about me and even suggested me coming round to his house. He flirts and acts like we’re in a relationship with so much cuddling and texts me 24/7. To me this just feels far too intimate to be friends with benefits and I think it’s simply unfair of the guy to expect me to carry on with no feelings attached with this dynamic. What do you think I should do? Genuinely we’re such amazing friends I’ve never felt so close to a guy ever and I can’t risk losing that friendship
How long does friends with benefits last?
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