Am I Just Waiting for My Great Tragedy?

My best friend and I are in a friends with benefits relationship. He has feelings for me, though mine are stronger and after a few talks he has told me that he could see a future with me, however currently he's not look for a relationship. He has things he wants to accomplish and I want to be there to support him for it. I have not and will not push for a relationship he neither wants or is ready for and just kind of wish to go for the ride as long as he lets me. While he's not actively pushing me away, he does tell me it's unwise to wait around as I only focus on one man at a time and that I could possibly miss out on something great with someone else.

I took some time to really consider what that meant, and have decided that for now, it doesn't matter. I told him that unless he wants me to leave him be, my feelings are my problem, no matter the outcome.

I'd like to hear opinions on this line of thought. I want to see if any of it is different from what I've already been told.
Am I Just Waiting for My Great Tragedy?
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