Spending NYE with your partner?

Hey guys...

So I have a bit of a predicament... I want to spend this NYE with my partner of a year and a half- he says he wants to spend it with me but he may be with his friends this NYE... I proposed the idea that maybe we could go together, and he said that it may be a bit awkward because he doesn’t know if they’ll just want it to be a lads night out... So I said, okay... but what do you want? He said he wanted to spend it with me, and he’ll try. The thing is, I’ve never met any of his friends, except one. I don’t see the issue, because in my eyes, if you want to spend it with your partner, you’d make it happen... Surely? Especially if you see a future with this person, which he claims to. Am I being irrational? I know it depends on the people, but it’s important to me, going into the NY together, and I don’t feel like I’m asking for much. I’m not asking him to spend it with just me, and have offered different compromises but he just seems to be here or there with it. I’m 20F he is 22M. I understand it may also be an age thing, but I think relationships are all about give and take and if something is important to your partner, you try your best to make that happen. Not give a knock off response of “We’ll see”. What do you guys think?

Thanks :)
Spending NYE with your partner?
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