Am I being too sensitive?

My question is a bit long, but I really really need help.
So about 9-10 months ago my boyfriend told me he has a crush on my best friend, at that time I just had abortion and our relationship became long distance for 1 month
My best friend is also my boyfriend’s best friend (actually she introduced us to each other) they do most of the university stuff together (because they mostly have same courses)
Anyway he told me he doesn’t want to lose me and I just had abortion and I was feeling really bad so I didn’t want to make decisions at that moment (my therapist idea) and I told him I will stay in the relationship as long as I don’t feel the second one.
We had a good time in summer but as soon as university started these two started talking (well university and courses stuff) and it just bothered me that they spoke for days , I mean a conversation ends at 30 minutes most but they talked for like a week about one subject.
I told him he was being so nice and I forgot about it.
Again in the last three months there were times that I was uncomfortable about them talking everyday, and I told him about it , he said it’s been 9 months and I’m over her and you should too, he thinks after 9 months being sensitive about the subject is not logical. do you think me being sensitive about that after 9 months is not logical?
Ps: my best friend (former best friend) is in a serious relationship (and was in that relationship when she met my boyfriend)
Ps: When my boyfriend told me about his crush I told my best friend (I needed someone to talk to ) so my best friend is aware of his crush on her.
Am I being too sensitive?
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