Is it bad to be emotionally dependent on your romantic partner?

Recently my boyfriend and I had gotten into a bad fight, not physical and things ended bad and as far as I was concerned we were done because what he did, won’t go into much detail, had really hurt me and I wasn’t as forgiving that time like I usually am so he blew my phone up with texts and calls and one day I finally answered and agreed to meet up with him around my house and we walked and talked and figured some things out but he had wanted me to come back to his house with him and stay the night but things had happened at his house prior to him meeting up with me, what happened at his house is what caused us to break up in the first place, we are back together now, and the experience was traumatic for me and I wasn’t quite ready to relive it by going back to his home again but I did forgive him he starts to go on about how he needs me and how he’s gonna treat me better and do better and said that he just needed to be under me and wanted to be sleep under me that night and as I kept calmly telling him I wasn’t ready he had like sort of a fit and laid down on a random person’s property, in their grass and started to cry and any one else would have gotten embarrassed and walked off and left him but I got down there with him, wiped his tears and encouraged him to get up and reminded him that I still loved him and I did forgive him but I wasn’t ready to take that step to be back at his house again. I even attempted to get him off of the ground and I stayed with him until he did finally get up and calm down. Is it bad to be that emotionally dependent on someone?
Is it bad to be emotionally dependent on your romantic partner?
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