Why do my mom and sister hate on my boyfriend?

So we have been together 4 years now. I am the youngest of 3 children. When I talk of being engaged soon I get met with watch this space. My brother got engaged after less then a year the girl proposed and they are all for it and then some.

My mom will say things like you need him out your life (referring to my boyfriend). An says he’s punching etc. He tries hard with her but she does nothing but be offish. She’s told me to move on and be a single mom as we have a little boy together. She would prefer me being on my own then with him.

When she talks about him I can tell she’s not one bit genuine or bothered about his existence. She often just blanks out what I say about him like it never happened. Today is Christmas table was set for me and my son but not my partner. My mom says things like I know you better then him etc

Its like she’s trying to compete. She’s married but I don’t know if she’s happy. When I text my mom back and forth if she don’t like what I say mid sentence I get OK like she’s shouting at me. I am nearly 28 years old and this is how she behaves as a 60 year old woman.
New year is my sisters 30th and my mom is like to me what’s your partner doing new year like to say he’s not invited to the party.
One time I was going my moms and my partner came and she cheekily said oh when you going out with your friends like to say are you gonna leave I don’t want you here.

He felt so away. Doesn’t go at all now. When I told them I was engaged as a prank before they was like oh ok no congrats or nothing. My sister is a single mom of 3 my mom raised 3 of us alone. An it’s like because I have someone whose genuine they hate it. It feels like sabotage almost.

My mom is also bitchy to me when she saw me today she was like omg you look so tired. Feel like she loves putting me down. I feel like they want me to have the life they had. An as I don’t they are in disbelief that a man can stay in a relationship and be a father.
Why do my mom and sister hate on my boyfriend?
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