What’s my moms problem seriously?

My mom lately keeps questioning me all the time - where I go, whom I really see, etc... has even gone as far as threatening me to kick me out of the house and to “stay wherever it is that I stay “ when I’m not home...

she passionatley hates my ex boyfriend for no good reason... she thinks the guy abused me which isn’t true just because this other girl messaged her saying bad stuff about the guy which were not true at all... she also went as far as prohibiting me from leaving the house for 2 while months cuz she didn’t want me going to see him

so due to all this I’ve been seeing him in secret and have had no choice but to tell her that I have been seeing an old friend of mine whom she knows from years ago - but I’m really seeing my ex because me and him still love each other...

my mom was the cause of us breaking up - she was saying bad stuff to him that I’m slow and can’t take care of myself and that I can’t handle finances, etc... she was saying things to get him to change mind about me and she caused us to fight and break up at one point...

so what’s my moms problem and why should I do?
Wants to control me and run my life
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Is jealous of my relationship (s)
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23 d
She was even messaging and talking to that girl that bad mouthed my ex and told her lies... I had asked her not to get involved but she went ahead anyways...😢
23 d
My ex did nothing but help me out - helped me lose weight, cane to doctors appointment with me, etc... yet my mom hates him😢
What’s my moms problem seriously?
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