Is my boyfriend getting back at me?

Many years ago, my mother treated him like garbage and I dumped him twice (in 2010 and 2011) in bad terms, breaking his heart. I did once called a loser, lazy, etc. He then used to call me, trying to win me back. I apologized for all that and promised that unless it's cheating or abuse, I'll never leave him again.

Jan 2020: He got promoted (I got back with him 4 years before that) while I never got accepted to work on my field and did poorly on a travel agency internship. I have my BA degree posted on the wall for nothing and I'm stuck on a dead-end job without any chance of progressing.

My boyfriend isn't liking this at all and seems the tables turned. Since the major I graduated in deals with culinary arts and hotel management, now he's expecting me to progress more on that (improve the cooking and presentations), already move out of my parents' house and become a business woman (what I wanted) or else it's over. He's has given me a year to progress.

Even though he claims he's not holding grudges anymore sometimes he throws the ''remember you dumped me, blocked me once on fb, didn't speak to me for a year for no reason and yelled at me when I was lazy, remember you and your mother thought I wasn't good enough, see how it feels... why is it always the man that has to put all the weight while the girl does little or nothing''. I think he's getting back and I'm paying dearly for what I've done in the past. He's getting back at me right?
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I've changed for the better in terms on being more understanding, not taking my anger on loved ones, keeping a good man if he's one (not asking too much), and kept my promise of not leaving him like before. But seems like he changed for the worse.

He no longer wishes my mother Merry Christmas either nor wants to speak with her on the phone like the past. Years before, he knew my mother hated him and treated him bad but he used to try being nice and it didn't work. He has changed.
24 d
Now he thinks a woman that's sweet, is faithful and gives him sex often still isn't enough if she's not providing equally to the table nor inspiring the man to progress too.
Is my boyfriend getting back at me?
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