This guy i’m talking too ghosted me?

Okay so i wouldn’t even say we are dating. He’s a guy who i became really good friends with. He’s really supported me in a very difficult time when no one else supported me. He’s a really lovely nice person which i find this so bizzare that he’s ignoring me. It’s been a week since he last replied and i accidently called him on snapchat the other day so i sent him two voice notes saying it was an accident but he still hasn’t replied so it’s almost been 10 days.

I genuinely wanna ask why he’s ignoring me, not
in a dating manner at all. As a friend. i really took him as a good friend. It hurts that he’s ignoring me because i’ve done nothing wrong. But i don’t want him to think i’m acting pyscho because this will be like my fourth message ACCIDELNTLY. My first one will be the original message, the second the call accidently and the 3rd and 4th two voice notes i sent explaining how i’m sorry i called.

I don’t wanna beg for anyone, at the end of the day we are both 20 and we can communicate. I really don’t think he’d ignore me without a valid reason. But then i have been seeing on instagram how he’s been talking to a girl and she even direct messaged me the other day asking if we are dating.

I just don’t think he’d leave me in the dark unless it’s something to hurt me because honestly he has seen me at my WORST and still spoken to me. Shall i message and confront why? It’s not even about dating him, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. i got plenty more where that came from lol. He was a good friend to me... i don’t have many left. I liked talking to him everyday. A part of
me thinks i shouldn’t because sometimes he reminds me of dark times but at the end of the day we get along very well. he may or may not have some sort of feelings for me from what i know and we have kissed.
18 d
If it’s confusing the girl who i saw he’s been speaking to direct messaged me asking if i have been dating the guy.
This guy i’m talking too ghosted me?
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