Does this make me a “weak-minded” female?

So, I believe that men should lead, and women should submit. And I don’t mean it in a control type of way... like when I say submit I mean like showing him you trust him to protect and give good direction in your life.. not control it. And being loyal to that man..(while he’s loyal too of course) and I don’t mean submit to a man with bad intentions.. like If he’s trying to control/abuse you etc.. I think the idea of submitting has nothing to do with controlling someone.. unless it’s a guy that had bad intentions. If it’s good intentions, It’d be more of being a protector and helping her succeed... Like submitting to the right man, with good intentions. Should make you feel safe.. not trapped and controlled. You can be your own person, make your own decisions on things and still submit to a man you love and trust..
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Does this make me a “weak-minded” female?
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