Guys, why would you push a girl away? Please Read?

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening wherever you guys are and thank you if you’re taking the time to read my story because i do type a lot but i will keep it short n simple. ( At least i will try too lol )

So i’ve known this guy since i was 12 years old. Not that this matters because we are 20 now. In school he used to like me and i liked him. We reunited when we were about 18.

So we spoke when we were 18 and you know when you get w good feeling about something. We got along so well, we would facetime for hours. He told me he liked me so much as a person, that i was beautiful, nice, the kindest soul and how he appreciates me so much and i liked him too but something came over him.

He had a lot going on, he was in a toxic relationship which really affected him, he also wasn’t happy in himself i think and he ended up going to jail. He told me he couldn’t speak to me because he’s still not over his obstacles and stuff.

Its now 2 years later and he has just came out of jail. He went in for about a year and a half. He now has no job or anything at the moment.

I messaged him the other day to see how he was as he just came out a month ago. He was saying how he was thinking about me and how he wanted to message me and compliment my photos and he said he was so sorry for how he pushed me away and he said he wanted to say how beautiful i am.

We had a conversation for like 2 days and all of a sudden it’s like he switched, he didn’t wanna speak anymore and it’s like he was pushing me away on text. I could tell he was so into it at first replying so fast, so excited i texted him, telling me how i’ve been on his mind and then it’s like he realised something.

I know he wanted to speak to me because of everything he was saying to me and how he literally told me he wanted to message me. I know he’s very insecure and quite sad and low at the moment and came out of jail less than a month ago. Why would he push me away if he wants to speak to me?
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We were having a good conversation about how i’m starting my degree soon and how he’s so happy for me and he said how beautiful and smart i was and then all of a sudden he just couldn’t do it and purposely ended the conversation. He would never normally do that
Guys, why would you push a girl away? Please Read?
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