My girlfriend is bipolar. How can I handle it?

Hey guys/ girls
I’ve been dating a girl with a bipolar disorder 3 months ago. She told me about her bipolar disorder and I told her that It’s fine for me

Everything was fine until she started to ask me to go out and talk to her all day that it began to affect my career and job ( I have 2 jobs so my time is limited). She began to doubt me loving her because of this. Her mood swings started to affect me. Sometimes I call her while working just to please her. She heard the keyboard and she knew that I’m working while talking to her so she said that I’m not paying attention to her and she kept crying and ended the call. she was upset for 2 days because of this. Another time she called me when I was at work and told me let’s go out I told her that I’m working and I can call her once I’m at home, she turned off her phone I tried to call her several times. Next day she told me that she stayed at a hotel all alone and she blamed me about her behavior. Yesterday I bought her a Christmas present (her friend told me an idea for her present as I didn’t know what should I get to her) so I gave her the present and she seemed happy with it. Then she saw me texting her friend that she liked the present so much. So she kept being silent and I was so upset that she knew. Then she left me and kicked the present while leaving without saying a word. I left her as I was so upset that I can’t make her happy no matter how hard I tried and I got back to my house and I packed all the gifts that she got me and called an uber and I sent her the gifts with a letter that I need 2 weeks to calm down as this is too much for me. After that she blocked me on everything. I sent the gifts back because I couldn’t take it that day I was so hurt when she kicked the present and left me, she even left me and I was short on money this day because I spent all the money on the gift so I had to call my friend to pay for me the cheque at the cafe. Should I call her again?
My girlfriend is bipolar. How can I handle it?
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