I really like someone but all they’ve done is cause me bother?

Just to clarify, I am bisexual. If you don’t like it, please scroll along.

A girl started my work in November. When she first walked in, she instantly made my head turn; she’s a stunner.
We both instantly started flirting with one another, there was just that connection there.
One shift, she even went to kiss me. I pulled away because I didn’t know what she was doing. It was later on she told me she went to kiss me, then I realised I screwed up haha.
She decided to message me on Facebook and then added me on Snapchat. I was greeted with a lovely snap from her. This is when I realised how much I liked the girl and I really want to get to know her properly.
Around 2 weeks later, colleagues went to my manager saying ‘there’s something going on between them two’
my manager confronted the girl and she denied everything, which made us argue. As you can imagine, I wasn’t impressed with her for denying it all.
I went around work telling everyone what had happened, just so I could find out who the trouble causers are in work. So I could tell them to keep mine and her name out of their stupid mouths.
I only did it to protect her, she was distressed and I wanted to try and fix it. She was so angry with me, didn’t understand I only did it for her.
We eventually went back to normal, then had another argument. This time it was due to her telling my colleague: she’s not into girls, I’m a compulsive liar, nothings as gone on between us.
which caused such a massive argument between us both, to the point she said some really horrible stuff to me and then blocked me on FB and Snapchat.
She’s left my work now (new job) and I managed to get her to unblock me on Facebook.

I’m so crazy over this girl, I’ll do anything for her. People keep telling me to forget about her but how can I?
She gives me butterflies and I can’t stop thinking about her.
Anyone got any recommendations on what I can do? :(
I really like someone but all they’ve done is cause me bother?
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