Boyfriend turns every single conversation into a fight?

It's getting annoying and it's weird. He's not cheating as far as I know, and he's been affectionate. But everytime I try to have a conversation with him he's either silent or he tries to argue about it. I talk about weather and he tries to fight... like wtf? he's always on his phone and still has all the pictures of his ex wife.. so I'm wondering if he's just mad about something with her or if it's something else entirely different.
He gets mad that I'm moody sometimes but it's because he sucks the fun out of everything or is always trying to argue. And then he projects it onto me and says I'm a wet blanket, and assumes I'll ruin trips and events.
He even made his brother mad at the trip we just got back from because all he wants to do is debate and tell people they are wrong.

In the beginning he loved talking to me now it's like he hates it. He just uses his phone or gets mad that I talk to him... I don't know what he WANTS me to do or what I CAN do! I don't think he was like this with his ex's. Any advice? Why is he acting like this if he wants to be with me? he's obviously planning on me being in his life for a long time so what's the deal?
Boyfriend turns every single conversation into a fight?
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