Why did he end things - so confused?

I met a guy at work and had liked him for months, I never made a move or hinted anything as he was in a relationship. One day he messaged me saying they'd ended and he had liked me for months which is why their relationship failed. He asked me out but I said he probably needed time after ending it with his girlfriend before jumping into something else. He reassured me that it ended because he was so into me, he told his family, friends everyone about me and everyone was telling me he was incredibly happy that I felt the same. Because of lockdown the only way we could date was by going to each other's houses. We texted all day everyday when we were not together and he was telling me he was smitten, wanted to look after me, treat me, make me so happy etc so I let my guard down completely and told him the same back. This all happened within 3.5 weeks. I left his one day later he said he needed to be honest that he felt everything was going too fast that he needed space as he can't get into another serious relationship this quickly and that his anxiety was bad. I knew he had anxiety badly but it has recently got a lot worse due to family bereavements at Christmas time. He said he knew he couldn't be what I needed him to be right now as he needs to sort his head out but said he didn't want this to be the end of us and that he had fallen for me and adored me. I messaged him today to say I appreciated his honesty and that I was there for him as a friend if he needed a chat, said would love to give things another go once he has sorted his head out. He replied that I was the loveliest most beautiful perfect girl he'd ever met and he needs to sort his head out and absolutely hopes we could give it another go one day but when I asked whether it was an easy way of ending things and does he want me to move on or not he said he was unsure, that he hopes to have a future with me but needs time to know what he really wants. What does this mean?
Why did he end things - so confused?
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