Shall I let him go for new year? i’m crying already?

I was dating a guy from August and we have great chemistry and great sexual chemistry. I wouldn’t say i’m in love with him it’s not at that point. We went on a lot fo dates and we get along like a house on fire it’s crazy. About 3 months in he told me he can’t do a relationship that’s just not him as a person, he’s not ready for commitment and i just accecpted that. I said too him well we can still see each other anyway and he agreed.

Since November now we have now only been having sex, but it’s not just sex we get along so well we spend the whole night together and we get along so well he’s like my best friend. Whenever i text him though he can take so long to reply up to a day, he used to always take long when we were dating but it gets me more upset now i think! I thought i was fine with this arrangement of us just meeting and having sex because we always stay a few days together.

Last night i wished him a happy new years and the fact he hasn’t replied yet and is taking agies has really affected me. And the fact it’s affected me so much is making me realise that maybe i should let him go. I can't change a mans mindset and i’m not gonna try, if he’s not ready he isn’t right? The sex is so good though. Shall i just tell him we can’t meet anymore. I don’t wanna let him go but i think i have too... I have almost did terrible things to myself because of the way i feel about him which i won’t go into and which were life risking

I don’t wanna drag this into new year, since it’s the first of a new year i want to make the right Decision. He’s so attractive there’s so much chemistry but i’m crying since he hasn’t replied yet which says a lot...
Shall I let him go for new year? i’m crying already?
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