Can boy and girl best friends cuddle platonically?

We have been friends for 3 years, rarely even hug but we were watching a movie and half way through he said “how upset would you be if I did this?” And threw his arm around my shoulders. I said “not” and leaned in and we finished that movie plus another cuddled up like that. He also held my hand and kept drawing on it with his fingers the entire time.
I’ve been thinking I like him more than just a friend recently, but haven’t been sure if he feels the same way.
I guess this is an in general question and a specific situation question. Lmk
No, not possible to cuddle platonically
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Yes it’s possible
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Sounds like he likes you
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I wouldn’t read into it
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15 d
Looks like we were wrong, he made it pretty obvious he doesn’t like me that way. I apologized but I think I was picking up on signals (more than this post) that he did like me.
Can boy and girl best friends cuddle platonically?
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