What does this mean/ what should I do?

I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for about 2-3 years. Everything good that happens in a relationship had been progressing-- that is sex, hanging out, enjoying each other's company, meeting each other's families etc. I mean sure we've had plenty, plenty of our own ups and downs as any other normal relationship brings. But this sex part had always been a difficult topic. The reason for it is because I don't necessarily want to do all those things for him all the time-- its not because I don't love him (because I of course do) but rather I just don't feel entirely comfortable or confident doing those things for him. My mother always told me that men would want sex more than women (especially because he's in his 20's). I'm not trying to judge him in a bad way but at the same time I feel like so crazy because I'm almost never in the mood because I don't think about sex or the pleasures of it-- there is too many other things in my life that I focus on-- like school, my parents etc. Recently he told me that he wasn't getting everything he wanted/needed (sexually) and tbh that kind of hurt... but I understood. I told him this by the way. I also told him that he should 100% be happy and if I'm not enough for him then maybe breaking up would be best. I wouldn't want him to waste his time on me just hoping one day that I would magically just be ok with the stuff he wants me to do. He told me that not pleasing him sexually wasn't enough for him to break up with me and that he loves and cares for me. What makes this even deeper an issue is he calls me his "life partner" and knowing this is how he feels now and how comfortable I feel about these things he wants me to do just kind of scares and worries me for our possible future. I feel like by him staying it just feels like he is giving up with dating so he is settling with me (when I've told him he shouldn't settle plenty of times)... even though I'm not giving him everything he wants.
What does this mean/ what should I do?
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